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New sem
25 April 2012 • 3:01 PM • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum Peeps !!

Hye readers,lama betul anna x up to date blog ney ! maklum bila dah start semester baru mula la busy dengan lecture , test & Exam..

New sem ney x boleh nak main-main dah !. Sem ney anna amik 8 Subject taw..

1. Exercise Therapy-II
2. Electrotherapy-I
3. Cardio Respiratory-I
4. Musculoskeletal-I
5. Neurological system-I
6. Elective Placement
7. Introduction to Research Methodology
8. English-II

so anna dapat nak up date blog sangat & bakal berPosting pada bulan september nanti..hope dapat posting sekali gn my sweet friend ! :)


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