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Shut Up Then Smile
21 May 2011 • 9:30 PM • 0 comments

Mistakes are a part of being human!!

Not just learn from my mistakes but also allow my mistakes to be seen.

Everyone makes mistakes, one of my ‘things’ is that I’m scared of people finding out about mine and judging me and thinking I’m stupid or not nice or good or interesting.

I’ve thought so many times about changing my name or other ways to get away from my past.
 At worst I’ve been lazy, stupid, prejudiced and hurt peoples feelings but I don’t think I’ve done anything so bad that it is not forgiveable. 

I am sorry for the mistakes that I’ve realised I’ve made and I’m sure that there are things that I’m not even aware of doing too but I think that it is the same for everyone so why do I judge myself so harshly?


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