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Result Ku
07 December 2010 • 9:32 PM • 0 comments

Owh my Result..where r u??every nite,i mimpi kn u??ayat gler tul la..KPMSi,mna result sy ney..awk semua x nk gtaw result sy kew????

result ohh result~!!!

tiap2 ari i tngu abg POSMEN dtg taw..tp x ad pun surat kt umah sy..or abg posmen x nmpk umah sy...
arghh!!adakh umah sy dh invisible..ohhh no...tell me that not true!!!!!!!!

hu3..eyka a.k.a komon,nurul a.k.a yani,eyn a.k.a ann..ija a.k.a togel..
kowg msti la cuak dri ak kn..
walaupun ak yg pling relax n bersantai bila nk exam pun..ak takut gak!!!

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